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Our Solutions

Octo3 provides a diverse range of solutions to businesses in the financial technology industry. With experience in building and maintaining varied technologies, from the provision of multi-tenant cloud based white labled payment acquiring hosts to tokenisation and crypto solutions and global payment switching, we can provide tried and tested technology solutions or assist with designing and deploying customised fintech solutions
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Multitenant Cloud-circle.png
Multi-Tenant, Cloud Based White Labelled Payments Acquiring Host
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Card Present Host.png
MPOS Payment Host.png
E-Commerce Payment Host and Gateway

Octo3’s Card-Not-Present E-Commerce Host and Gateway is a high performance / high throughput processing platform especially designed for Banks and Payment service providers. Its modular design allows various payment means and card schemes to interconnect easily. It allows Banks and Payment Service Providers alike to ensure online merchants’ secure and speedy payment processing. It is also an ideal solution to satisfy the needs of MOTO (mail order/telephone order) merchants to securely accept and process manual payments without extra development costs

Card Present Payment Host

Octo3’s Card Present Payment Host is a modular ISO 8583 based merchant management and card processing platform especially designed and tailored for Banks, Payment Service Providers and large merchants. It offers a comprehensive back office capable of running any industry standard electronic funds transfer (EFT) terminal. Its modular approach allows new functions and connectivity to various card schemes and payment methods to be added seamlessly

MPOS Payment Host and Gateway

Octo3’s mPOS Host has been designed especially for Banks and Payment Service Providers. We have tailor-built an mPOS solution based on current market business needs by providing solutions from app design to hardware infrastructure to Merchant Management or Bank Host/Card Scheme connectivity. Our all-in-one platform brings mobile payment transaction to the next level. Octo3’s mPOS Host is compatible with all types of mPOS devices including Magnetic stripe readers, NFC payments, QR code payments and PIN devices

Global Switch-circle.png
Global Payment Switching

Octo3 connects and switches a large number global payment methods including major card networks, alternative payment methods, localized payment wallets and crypto wallets for Payment Service Providers requiring real time payment switching through a simplified layer utilizing Octo3 platforms

Crypto Support-circle.png
Crypto Enabled and Supported

Octo3 provides seamless integration through its platforms that gives e-commerce businesses the power to accept digital currencies  and receive settlements in standard FIAT or native digital currencies. We support all major crypto currencies worldwide.  See a list of supported digital currencies here

End to End Tokenisation Solution

Octo3’s Tokenization solution provides unparalleled protection of sensitive information to credit card and online transaction. Compatible with all types of credit cards, Debit Cards, gift cards, NFC payments, ACH transfers and other alternative payment methods, your customers’ data is out of any party’s reach. It greatly reduces the hassles associating with PCI-DSS compliance and allows easier PCI auditing

Processing and payment connectivity-circ
Payment Method Connectivity and Aggregation

Octo3 processes and connects to extensive number of payment networks, alternative payment methods and payment channels globally. It further aggregates these payment methods onto a unified platform and provides a simplified layer for the inter-connecting merchants and Payment Service Providers utilizing Octo3’s multitenant acquiring/switching platform. See a list of connected payment methods here

Front End Processing-circle.png
White Labelled, Front End Processing (FEP) for Payment Service Providers

Octo3 provides a multi-tenant white labelled  platform for globally located PSP’s which require localized common connectivity and transaction throttling to act as front-end processing entity for their payment needs

Back Office Support Services-circle.png
Turn-Key BOSS Services for Payment Service Providers

Octo3 features and supports an extensive Back Office Support Services and management system (BOSS). It provisions real-time data management for merchants and Payment Service Providers to facilitate their finance and operational processes. A complete BOSS team can also be made available on an outsourced basis for their finance and operational requirements 

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