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HAZZA Foundation gets a facelift with industry leader Qrypt Technologies

Today, Qrypt Technologies, a Singapore-based company, announced that they have taken reins of HAZZA Foundation, a blockchain technology that leverages OCTO3 Technology Limited's proven, enterprise-grade payment platform.

With the lack of universal acceptance of payment methods, it inconveniences consumers and high fees are charged to merchants. HAZZA Foundation aims to create an open, harmonious payment ecosystem by enabling acceptance across all payment methods, reducing costs and traditional barriers. It facilitates immediate adoption of Cryptocurrencies, allowing access to merchants instantly.

"The trend towards digital payment is already strong, and a study done in 2018 revealed that 83% of all payments made in China were via mobile payment modes,” shared Malcolm Tan, Managing Director at Qrypt Technologies. “Qrypt Technologies believes that the Hazza Foundation is the solution to a global unified payment network. We are looking to bring this blockchain technology into China's payment market."

The next HAZZA Token Activity is scheduled over the next two weeks. Follow our Social Media pages for updates: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

About Qrypt Technologies: As part of the consortium led by British financial firm Enigma Group to apply for Singapore’s digital banking license, Qrypt Technologies is a tech-focused management consultancy company that creates the technology backbone and offerings for clients and projects, and itself owns several projects in deep-tech, fintech and blockchain industry. With the aim of creating a seamless digital financial services ecosystem, Qrypt Technologies is working on obtaining full and digital bank licenses globally.

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