Our Solutions

E-Commerce Payment Host

OCTO3’s Card-Not-Present E-Commerce Gateway is a high performance / high throughput processing platform especially designed for Banks and Payment service providers. Its modular design allows various payment means and card schemes to interconnect easily. It allows Banks and Payment Service Providers alike to ensure online merchants’ secure and speedy payment processing. It is also an ideal solution to satisfy the needs of MOTO (mail order/telephone order) merchants to securely accept and process manual payments without extra development costs.

Card Present Host

OCTO3’s Card Present Host is a modular ISO 8583 based merchant management and card processing platform especially designed and tailored for Banks, Payment Service Providers and large merchants. It offers a comprehensive back office capable of running any industry standard electronic funds transfer (EFT) terminal. Its modular approach allows new functions and connectivity to various card schemes and payment methods etc. to be added seamlessly.

MPOS Host and Gateway

OCTO3’s mPOS Host has been designed especially for Banks and Payment Service Providers. We have tailor-built an mPOS solution based on current market business needs by providing solutions from app design to hardware infrastructure to Merchant Management or Bank Host/Card Scheme connectivity. Our all-in-one platform brings mobile payment transaction to the next level. OCTO3’s mPOS Host is compatible with all types of mPOS devices including Magnetic stripe readers, NFC payments, QR code payments and PIN devices.

End to End Tokenisation Solutions

OCTO3’s Tokenization solution provides unparalleled protection of sensitive information to credit card and online transaction. Compatible with all types of credit cards, Debit Cards, gift cards, NFC payments, ACH transfers and other alternative payment methods, your customers’ data is out of any party’s reach. It greatly reduces the hassles associating with PCI-DSS compliance and allows easier PCI auditing.

Mobile Wallet Framework

OCTO3’s Mobile Wallet Framework provides a complete and comprehensive converged mobile wallet platform to enrich user experience for interactions with merchants, banks, loyalty providers, couponing companies and other service providers driven by industry standard Host Card Emulation (HCE). It comes with capabilities to handle both payment and non-payment transactions, storing member information and POS transactions. The Framework SDK achieves seamless integration with the existing system through APIs. All transaction information is displayed real-time.

Customised Fintech Solutions

OCTO3 specializes in consulting design and deployment of specialized FinTech solution and services. We have extensive in-house experience and domain knowledge to cater to your organizational needs.

Prepaid Card Issuing Solutions

Simplify your purchasing experience with Prepaid debit cards. OCTO3 provides Prepaid card issuing service for cardholders to enjoy typical credit card features without the need to offer credit line. The Cards services can be used to run your Currency Card, Travel Card, Student Card, Corporate Card, Payroll Card and Gift Card programs and business effectively.

Turn-key Service Deployment

OCTO3’s entire proprietary payment solution suite is available to customers from a highly secure, enterprise grade cloud deployment via simple API integration. Combined with valued-added back office support services (BOSS), OCTO3 provides customers a complete turn-key solution, enabling business activation in a matter of days.